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Heroism, Humility, and Honor: Poems to Thank You by Author T. E. Brooks

Posted on November 14, 2016 at 12:30 AM

HEROISM, HUMILITY, AND HONOR is a chapter book of poems written to encourage those who are serving, have served, and to remember those who have died serving, as well as to thank their families for their sacrifice and dedication to their country. Serving one’s country still requires two simple words, “Thank You;” these words can impact one’s life tremendously. This small collection of poems is a small token of appreciation to say just that, “Thank You.”



"Heroism, Humility, and Honor: Poems to Thank You" Book Trailer

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About the Author

T.E. Brooks, former USAF military spouse and now USAF veteran’s wife presents her first chapter book of poems, HEROISM, HUMILITY, AND HONOR POEMS TO THANK YOU from journal to print. Serving one’s country is indeed an honor that should not go unnoticed, yet often does. She wrote these poems to reflect what heroism, humility, and honor mean to her. She is a wife to “O” and mother to her three M & M’s, and enjoys reading, writing, and traveling.




Heroism, Humility, and Honor: Poems to Thank You by T. E. Brooks is available at Amazon.com.


Hellen Back by vicki zell

Posted on October 18, 2016 at 4:50 PM

Book Title: Hellen Back

Author Name: vicki zell

Release date: 03/2016


Pages: 239

Genre: Mystery, Young Adult Fiction



Book Description:

Jennifer Luck is off to Kale University, finally getting away from her crazy-ass mother and that attic room. Jennifer is about to discover the most monstrous monsters dwell within those who you least suspect. Like, the Dean of Kale College. What is happening to all of the young ladies at Kale? Why are they suddenly vanishing?


Book formats available for review: ebook-PDF,ebook-Kindle



To review this book send an email request to the contact listed below:

Name: vicki zell

Email Address: justv@live.com


Additional information:  www.vlzbooks.com



Book available at Amazon


Outer Domain by Terence Thomas

Posted on September 26, 2016 at 4:30 AM

Book Title: Outer Domain

Author Name: Terence Thomas

Release date: July 8, 2012


Pages: 252

Genre: Science Fiction


Book Description:


A new source of light has been discovered in the night sky and Captain Felix Jenner and a crew of scientists have boarded the USS - Mobius on a mission of discovery. Niles A Barstow, the Science Officer and a group of research personnel were chosen to identify and catalog the phenomenon.


Their first duty was to dock with The USS - Stockton, near the rings of Saturn. The purpose of the docking was to add new equipment that would cut the travel time significantly. Felix and his science officer Barstow were greeted by Paul Stockton, an

old friend from the days at the academy. They reminisced briefly over coffee and then were taken to the bridge for a demonstration. As they sat looking at the view screen, Felix

saw a small ship coming at them on a collision course. Noticing how Felix reacted, Paul quickly assured that the ship would not collide as it stopped dead. Paul then explained how ships were for some time capable of very quick stops…it was the effect of centrifugal force on crew members that was the problem. We have come up with an electronic buffer effect that makes gravitational forces far less consequential.


The urgency of the mission meant that after the coffee and demonstration, they were on their way. The new equipment would also allow them to maneuver through the asteroids just around the corner and with in a few days asteroids were all around them and traveling through was tricky but Felix, with his superior piloting skills, maneuvered them safely through the giant floating rock trail.


For weeks things we perfect and then a series of hull breaches started occurring. No loss of pressure left officer Barstow perplexed and started a number of procedures that were not exactly standard. This followed by visual problems and nightmares experienced by the crewmembers put pressure on the medical staff to come up with a solution. The line to sickbay was beginning to concern officer Barstow who learned that the cause of the problem was increased visual range sensitivity.


Strange things continued to happen and they noticed a yellowish powder covered the outside of the ship so they engaged the services of one of the maintenance robot Plato.

The view screen on the bridge lit up with a huge billowy cloud, so bright you could hardly look at it. Felix asked Barstow how a cloud could maintain its billow continuity and Barstow told the captain that it could not and then something was seen moving out of the cloud. It was some kind of derelict ship just drifting away from the cloud.

The captain gave orders to prepare a shuttle and asked Officer Barstow to join him on the launch bay. It did not take long for them to reach the ship and they found strange creatures encased in some kind of wax. They used the robot hands of the shuttlecraft to

take one of the creatures. According to Barstow, The ship was some kind of warship and the creature, a warrior.


On the operating table, the creature was identified as an Isomorph. A creature that has much of its skeletal structure on the outside of it's body. The captain made the decision to abandon the mission but it was too late…they were discovered and had to make a hasty retreat. Only with the action of the brilliant crew did they have a chance of survival.



Book formats available for review: ebook-Kindle



To review this book send an email request to the contact listed below:

Name: Terence Thomas

Email Address: t1t7t91@yahoo.com


Book is available at:


How to Get More Reviews for Your Book

Posted on September 6, 2016 at 12:00 AM

Reviews are especially important for self-published authors. Not only do they make your book look more impressive (a large number of reviews means that a lot of people have read your book, so customers are more likely to try it for themselves), but also because Amazon tends to favor books with lots of reviews, putting them in lists and newsletters alongside similar books in each niche.

If you’ve begged friends and family to leave reviews but still find that you don’t have many (or any), take heart. Reviews don’t come easily, but you can encourage them with these tips. Here’s how to get more reviews for your books so you can boost your sales.


Ask people that have reviewed other books in your niche

Find a book in the same niche as yours and look at the reviews for it. You can see the profile of each person who leaves a review by clicking on their name, so do that to see if they include a contact email in their Amazon profile. If they do, send an email offering them a free copy of your book in exchange for an honest review. Repeat the process with other reviewers, but be sure you don’t come across as pestering or annoying, and make sure your book is as good as it can possibly be, or you could end up with negative reviews. Also, paying for customer reviews is against Amazon's terms of service so do not offer to pay for a customer review.


Get a professional editorial book review


These reviews are typically written by avid readers or professionals who frequently review books and are posted on book review websites. Editorial reviews can be expensive, often costing several hundred dollars for one review. However, they usually come with some form of promotion to give the book visibilty as well as the added benefit of giving the author credibility. Editorial reviews can be placed on your Amazon Author Central page under the "editorial book reviews" section as long as credit is given back to the reviewer.  They are also often used on the back cover of the book along with the description to encourage readers to buy. Editorial reviews have a powerful marketing effect for promoting your book.

DGT Book Promotions offers two affordable book review services: editorial book reviews and our book review list to help authors get the reviews they need. Find out more about how these services can help you! Click here for more information on our book review service.

Build an email list and ask them to review

Having a list of people who actually want to read your books is priceless. It means that whenever you release a new book, you can just ask them to read it first and put reviews up for you. Of course, just because you have a list doesn’t mean you’ll always get reviews, but having willing readers does increase your chances significantly.


Give your list free copies of your book before it goes live so they can read it, then send them a message as soon as the book is live so they can post their reviews. Get them to leave reviews on Goodreads, too. Goodreads reviews can carry more weight with readers as it’s more of a social platform than a salesy one.


Put a request at the end of every book

Amazon automatically offers its readers a chance to leave a review, but if you’ll add a short request for reviews to the end of your books, it will make it more likely that people will actually follow through. You can also do this with your print books, just make a page at the end of the book that gives details on how people can leave a review.

Never be afraid to ask for reviews. At worst, you’ll get negative feedback which you can use to edit and improve your book, and at best you could get lots of positive reviews that will spur on book sales.


Kleptomaniac: Who's Really Robbing God Anyway?" by Dr. Frank Chase Jr.

Posted on August 31, 2016 at 8:35 AM

Spotlight on...

About The Book

Do You Know the Truth About Tithing? Read This Investigative Manifesto First Before You Answer! The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 10:19 that “…money answers all things” (NKJV). But is tithing money the answer the Bible commands all believers to do every week? Do phrases like, sow a seed, pay tithes, receive a blessing or a curse make sense when associated with money tithing?


This Book Will Help You:

· Blow Up the Malachi Tithe Doctrine

· Know the Difference Between Tithes, Money and Giving

· Understand How Money Was Introduced into the Church as a Tithe

· Know Who Changed the Tithe From Food to Money

· Grasp True Grace Giving in the New Testament

· Become a Cheerful Free Will Giver from the heart as the Holy Spirit leads

· Discover that Jesus, Paul and the Disciples Never Tithed or Taught Tithing

· Realize that Tithing Has Side Effects That Causes Grudging Giving

· Expose the Tithe Lies

· And much more…


Take the opportunity to get biblically informed about tithing. Doing so could save your financial future and the future of your children’s children for generations.



About The Author

Frank Chase, Jr. grew up in Baltimore Md. and spent four years in the United States Army, during that time became a follower of the Messiah. After completing his tour of duty, he attended Washington State University (WSU) and graduated in 1989 with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and a minor in Sociology. Because Frank believes in education, he pursued religious degrees and graduated from North Carolina College of Theology with a Bachelor of Biblical Studies, a Master of Arts in Theology, and a Doctor of Theology. The author submerged his entire being into the tithe doctrine versus freewill giving for four years to understand the different tithe teaching propagated in the church circuit. Chase's decision to shift from tithing to freewill giving was difficult for him and his family. His decision resulted in wins and losses both emotionally, spiritually and financially. Through tears, fears and not fully knowing what would happen when he took a stand on freewill giving over tithing, Chase decided to move forward and write a tithing book three years later. He seeks to start a conversation about mandatory tithe doctrines that make promises and guarantees of health and wealth, but never deliver. Frank Chase Jr. has been married for 19 years to Teresa Chase and he is a proud father of six children.




Book Video Trailer


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Praise for “Kleptomaniac: Who’s Really Robbing God Anyway?”

“I feel this book was written to free our mindset so we can give freely without convictions, for all Christian this should be a must read.” — Reader Review




Additional Information






“Kleptomaniac: Who’s Really Robbing God Anyway?” (430 pages, ISBN: 978-0-97552-177-9) is available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookbaby and other online retailers.