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Criminal Twins; Law & Crime by Richard Porter

Posted on October 25, 2014 at 2:20 AM

Book Title: Criminal Twins; Law & Crime

Author Name: Richard Porter

Release date: September 2014


Pages: 50

Genre: Crime, Action-Adventure

Book Description:

A Psychological Thriller


My Twin Brother

You see Detective Stone, my twin brother and I have retired as highly successful bankers, money is no problem for us for the rest of our lives. Moreover, my brother has put it in his head, out of the clear blue sky that he wants to take up the life of a criminal.

He Slapped Her

The masked man said tonight I might just kill you. So close your mouth woman. He slapped her with the back of his right hand. Henry was scared this time, and thought this is the end for me.

Two Young Boys


Upon that dresser stood a picture of two young boys Mastermind studies this photo. After further inspection of the room, on the small nightstand drawer. The proof he had been seeking since day one. Yes...



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