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Dobyns Chronicles by Shirley McLain

Posted on November 7, 2014 at 12:50 AM

Book Title: Dobyns Chronicles

Author Name: Shirley McLain

Release date: May 2014

ISBN: 1499024096

Pages: 260

Genre: Historical Fiction, Young adult


Book Description: 

This historical fiction novel DOBYNS CHRONICLES has a sound sense of appreciation of the terrain of Texas and Oklahoma, the durability of the pioneer men and women about whom she writes, and a special appreciation for Native American history. 

There is such keen sense of reality that the figures in this book jump off the pages and stay in our minds as the many aspects of the chronicled life spill out. Despite the fact that the author spends time at the inception of the book declaring that this book is fiction, we can't help but believe that Charlie Dobyns was a real figure. The narrator gives us that impression and it is a fine way to relate history, whether lived or invented from the myriad tales that surround Texas and Oklahoma of the 19th and 20th centuries. Charlie Dobbins was a `half-breed' - the son of a Cherokee mother and Texas cowboy. The early days in the Red River valley ranch were harsh and Charlie's fond memories were brought to a tragic close in 1888. From that year on we accompany Charlie through Chickasaw lands into McAlester, Oklahoma. Charlie suffers the slings and arrows of exposure to Yellow Fever, tax sale, hard times, heartbreak, tragedies, yet through it all he demonstrates love, kindness, joy, and a strong spiritual connection that brings him to the role of grandfather to a family hose actions become indelible in our memories. And so whether fact or fiction we know Charlie Dobbins through Shirley McLain's gift for writing from birth to death, and as a touching eulogy, McLain offers `I am proud to be part of this family. Charley left us a legacy of love for family and for the land. In the sixties, the old house burned down but was rebuilt by his grandson, Charles Blevins, who continues to live on the old home place. Kettle Creek has been such a special part of many people's lives. As long as one of us remains on the mountain, then Charley will always be around.'

This kind of Americana, too infrequently captured in novels, is fine medicine for the times in which we live. History and an appreciation of roots soothe many of the scars time leaves.


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