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The Hut in the Woods by VLZ

Posted on February 5, 2015 at 4:45 PM

Book Title: The Hut in the Woods

Author Name: VLZ

Release date: October 29 2014


Pages: 294

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Book Description:

The residents of Burl and Helmsdale have gathered together to tell their tale of the hut in the woods. They are a whimsical bunch of characters with a frightening tale of terror to tell. Carly Laden had thought she married the man of her dreams, but a frightening truth is uncovered, and what we hear can be more deadly than what we see. Life for the Ladens' was going along so pleasantly, but then a revealing secret tore them apart and a horrifying reality came knocking at their door. Along the lines of Hitchcock and King, a great tale of terror always leaves readers and watchers, off guard, and VLZ's tale of terror runs with the best of them. Set the story between two small out of the way, off the map small towns, where the townsfolk are pleasant, but still have their quirky ways. Add a dash of terror, a sprinkle of horror, along with a pool of fun loving characters, and you get a fun filled ride of both terror and suspense from, The Hut in the Woods.


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