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Author Spotlight: Suzanne Ross, Author of Wake Up! Awakening Through Reflection

Posted on May 12, 2015 at 8:25 AM

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Suzanne Ross, Author of  Wake Up! Awakening Through Reflection

About The Book

Have you ever wondered, "Why was I put on this earth?" Have you ever found yourself searching for more meaning and purpose in your life beyond the daily grind? Have you ever fantasized about pursuing your life's passion as your "true calling"? In this life-changing workshop, Suzanne Ross will help you awaken to your full potential. You will learn how to heal the past so you can be freed from limiting beliefs, and live the life of your highest self.


Praise for “Wake Up! Awakening Through Reflection”:

"A brilliantly crafted, comprehensive guide to connecting with your spirit and stepping onto the path of enlightenment. Organized as a workshop, the book follows Ross' own journey of spiritual awakening, and provides opportunity for the reader to take a similar journey with expert guidance." -Barbara Wilder, Author of "Embracing Your Power Woman and Money is Love"


About The Author:

With advanced knowledge of integrative wellness, Suzanne Ross has empowered many people to reach their highest potential. Not only has she helped them improve their life from a physical perspective but, through sharing her enlightened message, has inspired many to realize their potential from a spiritual perspective as well. The success of this approach inspired Suzanne to create a new concept called "Evolutionary Wellness." By integrating components for enhancing the body, mind and spirit, students are empowered to create an exceptional life. Suzanne holds many advanced certifications in the field of wellness and spirituality including Longevity Wellness Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, DFH Nutrition Coach, Angel Card Reader and Angel Therapy Practitioner.


Official Book Video Trailer for "Wake Up! Awakening Through Reflection":

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“Wake Up! Awakening Through Reflection” (286 pages, ISBN-13: 978-0986434709) is available at Amazon.com and the authors website www.suzannerosswellness.com.

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