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The Books of the Kings - I. Determination

Posted on October 9, 2015 at 3:20 PM

Book Title: The Books of the Kings - I. Determination

Author Name: Jay Effemm

Release date: August 2015

ISBN number : 978-1511549516

Pages: 324

Genre: Fantasy, History



Book Description:

King Hhalon of Genan is furious. Not only is his son Hhamen dallying with Dena, a merchant's daughter, but the young fool has fallen in love with her. This cannot be allowed to continue.


Hhalon's anger only increases when he discovers that Dena's father dares to decorate his home with precious white gold. Under Genan law, white gold is strictly reserved for the king himself.


The king's rage sets in motion events that will shake the kingdom to its core. A rash decision to exile two powerful earls in order to colonize new land triggers rebellion as yet hidden, but growing ever stronger. Meanwhile, a prince will abandon royal responsibilities for love, while savage forces in the kingdom prepare for war and priests and spymasters vie for influence over a kingdom.


The Books of the Kings expertly combines fantasy with the complex cultural and political structures of medieval Europe. Comparable to the series A Song of Ice and Fire in its breathtaking scope, Jay Effemm's sprawling epic merges the stories of six memorable characters into a cohesive, action-filled drama.



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