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Author Spotlight: J. D. Gordon, Author of "Pour Out in Me --Prayer Journal Volume 2"

Posted on January 23, 2016 at 6:05 AM

Spotlight on...

J. D. Gordon, Author of "Pour Out in Me--Prayer Journal Volume 2"




About The Book

Jermaine's love for God has taken him on a unique journey that encourages believers to record

their prayers, so they can become more aware of God's daily blessings and miracles in their lives.

In Pour Out In Me - Prayer Journal Vol. 2, Jermaine seeks to highlight the need for us to become

increasingly aware of 'our' three main relationships in life: "...with God," "...with others" and

"...with ourselves."




About The Author

Jermaine D. Gordon is an award winning psalmist and worship leader, author, gospel in music artiste and speaker born in Kingston, Jamaica but raised in the community of Bull Bay, St. Andrew. His music inspires and heals the soul while colouring the listener’s thoughts. His writings are provocative and always give a fresh and new perspective on just about everything. The author is a true innovator and is gifted with creating a proverbial thought or a new complete song on the spur of the moment.


Official Book Video Trailer for "Pour Out in Me -- Prayer Journal Volume 2"

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Praise for “Pour Out in Me -- Prayer Journal Volume 2”:

"I can see my own spiritual maturity on paper and I love the new concept of creating my personal watch list." -- Reader review


Additional Information:

Press release


Pour Out in Me -- Prayer Journal” (181 pages, ISSN: 0799349) is available online at www.jermainedgordon.com.



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