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Catherine Sharp

Author of Untamed Heart 

Joy Cieslarski

Author of Secrets Among Us 

Gary Beck

Author of Acts of Defiance


Herb Marlow

Author of Minister Wanted Series

Cynthia L. Knight

Author of Whyte Chocolate

Margo Bond Collins

Author of Waking Up Dead


Lacey Reah

Author of Enlightened Ones

Dan Trumpis

Author of Welcome to Harmony

Gary Beck

Author of A Glimpse of Youth


Chris Birdy

Author of The Girl in White Pajamas

Thomas L. Hay

Author of An Abduction Revelation

Frieda Dryden

Author of Leonard's Wife


Joel Chafetz

Author of The Chaff

David Mint

Author of Why What We Use As Money Matters

Linda S. Prather

Author of Eternal Beauty


T. D. Beverley

Author of It's a Girl Thing

Lorrie Farrelly

Author of Terms of Surrender

Jack Remick

Author of The Book of Changes


Ann Werner

Author of Cooper's Grove

Teri Riggs

Author of Resolutions

Catherine Sharp

Author of Blood Lust


E.L. Crenshaw

Author of They Always Come in Three

CW Holcomb

Author of Dark Moon

Dan Trumpis

Author of Gwen Gladstone


Geri Hemer

Author of How to Win Your Man and Keep Him 

Dan Trumpis

Author of Gwen Gladstone

Chris Birdy

Author of The Girl in Black Pajamas


Rom Gayoso

Author of How to Win in Every Scenario

Everette Ray and Michelle Lea Bowers

Authors of To Own a Slave or Not to Own a Slave 

JM Shorney

Author of Progeny of a Killer