DGT Book Promotions, LLC

Offering online book promotion services and book video trailer production for independent authors, publishers and small press.


General Policies

  • All correspondence is done through email. Please check your junk mail folder and settings to make sure dgtbookpromotions@gmail.com is on your safe list.

  • All video and marketing services are completed within 14-21 days of receipt of all information needed from author (if more time is needed the client will be notified).  You will be informed of a date to expect to receive your trailer, completed book reviews and any other marketing materials and services ordered after we receive all of the information we need from you.

  • Payment is due in full for all services before work begins. No refunds will be granted; because, book review, video production and marketing services work begins immediately after payment is received.

  • Substitutions are not allowed on publicity, video and marketing packages.  This means that all items within the package come as they are stated.  For example, book trailers can not be changed from one type of book trailer to another (i.e. Classic to Top of the Line), music or text will not be removed.  If a version of the video is needed with or without text or music an additional fee will be charged and a second video will be created.  

  • DGT Book Promotions does not distribute book video trailers that are incomplete.  If the music or text is requested to be removed DGT will not distribute the video and reserves the right not to distribute a video production that has been altered by a third party other than DGT Book Promotions (i.e. music, photos or text replaced by another video producer, author or author representative).

Book Video Trailer Policies

  • Client is entitled to one revision after the video is complete. The first revision is free.  All subsequent revisions are $50 each not including the cost of any additional media.The client will have three days to respond and provide feedback on the draft video they receive from DGT Book Promotions.  If DGT Book Promotions does not receive any feedback from the client within three days about the video client gives approval of video content by default and video trailer will become final.  No changes will be made after three days.  Client may request a minor revision in the video. Major revisions will only be changed at an additional expense for the client.  

  • A minor revision in the trailer is defined as any alterations to text banners, font (color, size, type), adding information about the author or the book, adjusting the audio balance or incorporating additional sales information. 

  • Client will be charged an additional fee for major revisions. Major revisions in the trailer are defined as (but not limited to) any changes to the voice over track, adding or removing photos, video clips, background images or animations, changes to the musical accompaniment, transition and text effects, inserting new frames, altering the storyboard and increasing/decreasing the video length or substantial changes to the text to screen script.

  • We only use royalty free stock music, video clips and images to produce trailers. We will not use Flickr images, Wikipedia Commons, Google images or any other Creative Commons or  "public domain" images, music or video clips.  

  • DGT Book Promotions reserves the right to promote all book trailers we produce as we deem appropriate.  This includes being promoted on our website, blogs and social media channels (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram) to promote as examples of our video production services. Some of the video channels such as YouTube may be monetized. When you sign up to use our services you are agreeing to the promotion of your book trailer across our web properties in this described manner.

Book Review Service

DGT Book Promotions, LLC does not guarantee that authors who sign up to participate in the book review listing service will be contacted by reviewers, will get book reviews or will have a positive book review posted.  We do not guarantee reviews will be posted on Amazon.  Authors who purchase the guaranteed book review package are not guaranteed to receive positive book reviews.  All reviews are subject to the personal opinion of the  bloggers and do not represent the opinion of DGT Book Promotions, LLC.

Legal Disclosure Policy

This website is written and edited by the owners of DGT Book Promotions LLC.  This website accepts forms cash as compensation for advertising and marketing services rendered.  

We remain mindful of our need to respect laws concerning intellectual property and proprietary rights. All authors utilizing our services have given us permission to use their book, author photos and information to promote their literary works. We have taken every effort to prevent copyright violation in the production of book video trailers.  If for some reason it is found that a video contains copyright violation, we agree to add attribution to the video for the copyright owner.  We likewise enjoin you to do the same as a condition for citing our resource materials and videos. Give credit where credit is due. 

By using our site, you acknowledge and agree that other sites linked to our domain do not bear our express endorsement or approval. We have no control over their content and must consequently bear no responsibility for their actions. Neither do we vouch for the accuracy of their disclosed information. Even so, we encourage you to call our attention to any false statement or instances that may constitute clear violations of law.

Responsibility and risk for the use and application of any and all information, services or products posted on this website herein should solely be that of the reader or user, client, subscriber or affiliate. By using this site, you not only acknowledge our inherent limitations but likewise agree not to hold us liable for losses or damages of any kind, including business reverses, lost clients, loss of income or opportunities, decrease in profits, or any other form of financial or economic prejudice.  Even though it is our sincere hope that success will crown your efforts, we do not (and cannot) absolutely guarantee increased book sales.

We reserve the right to update this Policy Statement at any time without prior personal notice - which is impractical given the sheer number of users and visitors to our site.

Should there be occasions when we allow or require you to provide personal data, material or information, such request bears our assurance that we will strive to maintain confidentiality regarding the same. In the same way, you are duty bound to provide correct information pertaining to matters you are legally permitted to disclose.

Lastly, we invoke and incorporate herein by direct reference, the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 in so far as they apply to the services we provide. We appreciate your commitment to uphold our standards in this site!

Should you have any questions, concerns, or comments about our legal disclosure policy, please contact us.