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Virtual Book Launch Party 

We will host and organize your virtual book launch party. This is a live virtual 30-minute party that includes you reading an excerpt of your book or giving a short presentation from the book, question and answers session, and giveaways that guests who attend the live party can win. The virtual launch party will also be recorded, so that it's available to be watched again at a later date.  This party is a great idea for a new book release or a book re-launch as well.

The virtual book launch party includes the following:

  • E-invitation and webinar link setup custom party image designed to share on social media
  • Virtual book launch party page on blog shared and promoted on social media
  • Live launch party video recorded and posted on social media afterwards
  • Telephone consultation and practice run before the event
  • Email reminders to be sent out to registered guests
  • Includes a moderator for your launch party
  • Send email thank you after the launch party to attendees and a link sent to people who registered but did not attend (will include your book sales information)
  • Press release written and distributed announcing the launch party and book release
  • Giveaways for the event (i.e. copy of the book, amazon gift card, book lover gift)

The Virtual Book Launch Party takes 3-4 weeks to schedule, so please consider this time when scheduling your virtual book launch party.

Schedule your Virtual Book Launch Party today!

Three month payment plan -- $600 spread over 3 months at $200 per month. 
Book launch party will be scheduled after last payment is received.
Set up payment plan through PayPal below.